Hi! I'm Doe. I can also be found on DeviantART or Youtube. I used to draw and stuff, but no so much anymore.

I love crappy puns, playing League, eating food, and playing the violin.

Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
25. ?

My idea of a perfect date? Hm… I’m actually really easy to please. Anything works, as long as fun is had. This includes walking around a town, watching a movie, going to any restaurant, going shopping/goofing around in any store, going to a park, icecream, idk. What is there even to do outside? I LOVE PLAYGROUNDS. This is all like, actual leaving house stuff.

I also love just staying in the house. Watch tv/movies, play video games, fool around, do anything. Idek. Literally anything goes as long as I’m with someone I love <3